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Source: Berkshire County Eagle
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Was in Buffalo”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Date of publication: 18 September 1901
Volume number: 112
Issue number: 38
Pagination: 6

“Was in Buffalo.” Berkshire County Eagle 18 Sept. 1901 v112n38: p. 6.
full text
James H. Butler; William McKinley (death: public response: Buffalo, NY); McKinley assassination (public response: Buffalo, NY).
Named persons
James H. Butler; Leon Czolgosz.


Was in Buffalo


Alderman Butler Tells of Scenes Following Shooting of President

     Alderman James Butler, who with his family, was in Buffalo during the critical stage of the president’s illness incident to the shooting, when interviewed by an Eagle representative this morning said that the scene presented in the streets of the city was one never to be forgotten. Vast crowds of people were congregated on all the principal thoroughfares and especially about the newspaper bulletin boards where the congestion was something terrible. Bulletins were issued every two or three minutes, and as every new phase of the president’s condition was announced a groan or howl would go up from the crowd, interspersed with the shrill cries of “Lynch him, lynch him,” from the small boys and more excitable of the people. Then, acting on this suggestion, the crowd would surge down one of the streets leading to the police station where Czolgosz was imprisoned, but only to nnd [sic] themselves confronted at every point by cordons of policemen, both on foot and mounted. The nervous tension of the crowd was such and the excitement was at such a pitch that only a leader was lacking to have a lynching a veritable fact.



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