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Source: Buffalo Evening News
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “First in Line Day President Was Shot”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Buffalo, New York
Date of publication: 13 September 1901
Volume number: 42
Issue number: 132
Pagination: [?]

“First in Line Day President Was Shot.” Buffalo Evening News 13 Sept. 1901 v42n132: p. [?].
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Clinton Colegrove; Temple of Music.
Named persons
Clinton Colegrove; Harry F. Henshaw; William McKinley.


First in Line Day President Was Shot


Dr. Clinton Colegrove of Holland Suggests Preservation of Temple of Music.

     For the sake of making complete the chain of evidence in the shooting of the President, the police and District Attorney have been looking for the man who was first in line on the day when President McKinley was shot.
     A letter received by H. F. Henshaw, Superintendent of Music at the Exposition, not only gives this much sought information, but also offers a timely suggestion for the preservation for all time of the Temple of Music, now one of the most historic modern buildings in the country.
     The man who was first in line was Clinton Colegrove, a doctor whose home is at Holland, Erie county [sic]. Mr. Henshaw said this morning that he would submit the letter, as the writer requested, to the Director General.
     The Temple of Music is left open to the public now, and a guard is constantly stationed there. It has been found necessary, except when meetings are actually in progress, to erect a barrier to keep people from the stage. The visitors imagine that the President stood on the platform, and every one who passes into the building watches his or her chance to cut or tear off a piece. A carpenter has been at work repairing two or three spots damaged by the relic hunter.



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