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Source: Boston Post
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “What the Face of Czolgosz Shows”
Author(s): Simon, Carleton
City of publication: Boston, Massachusetts
Date of publication: 10 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: none
Pagination: 4

Simon, Carleton. “What the Face of Czolgosz Shows.” Boston Post 10 Sept. 1901: p. 4.
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Leon Czolgosz (physiognomical examination); Leon Czolgosz (mental health).
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Leon Czolgosz.
“Carleton Simon, M. D.”


What the Face of Czolgosz Shows


Assassin a Queer Mingling of Strength and Weakness—Likely to Be Made a Ready Tool.

     The first striking thing in the appearance of Czolgosz is the fact that the skull encasing the brain is much larger in proportion to his general physical construction, especially when seen from the front view, and a line drawn directly over the face from ear to ear, embracing the eyebrows, will be found very long. This is corroborated when the side view is measured, being even increased when we take into consideration that the back part of his head is larger than the average.
     The crown of the head, when measured around the top of the head from ear to ear, and when viewed sideways, is likewise very long, which is intensified by the fact that his ears are set somewhat lower than the average.
     In short, this man has been blessed or cursed with a very active mind which would be well balanced ordinarily were his physical weight and development greater.
     As it is, however, the nervous system centred in the brain is not equally balanced physically. This is usually the case found in those types representing the nervous, emotional and hysterical temperament.
     With any high ambition, and these classes of men generally have such ambition, the mind is readily warped into any given direction that for the moment possesses it.
     The soft and pathetic expression that is evidenced in the photograph of the man carries with it a sullenness and singleness of purpose that would make him peculiarly gifted had he given his mental strength to a worthier purpose.
     He is a queer admixture of strength and weakness, and, to my mind, can either be the ready tool of forcible convictions, strongly brought to bear upon him, or of an egotistical vanity which creates a lurking insanity in the attempt to gain notoriety.
     He has somewhat of a phthisical look when viewing him for some time, this being made prominent by the fact that he has high cheek bones, small nose, small neck and a very low chest, all of which are indicative of poor breathing capacity.
     This man has not any evidence of Semitic type of face, but rather of a Slavonic type. Taken from a general consideration, however, these two races present more cases of emotional insanity than all others. This is due to a large mental development and general physical weakness and incapacity to nourish the same.



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