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Source: Christian Observer
Source type: newspaper
Document type: news column
Document title: “Secular News”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of publication: 9 October 1901
Volume number: 89
Issue number: 41
Pagination: 23-24 (excerpt below includes only page 23)

“Secular News.” Christian Observer 9 Oct. 1901 v89n41: pp. 23-24.
William McKinley (last will and testament); William McKinley (post-assassination matters); McKinley burial vault (attack upon); William McKinley (protection, posthumous); Peter J. Devine (court-martial); McKinley assassination (sympathizers); Grover Cleveland (public addresses).
Named persons
Grover Cleveland; George B. Cortelyou; William R. Day; William McKinley.


Secular News [excerpt]

     Mr. McKinley’s Will has been admitted to probate. The executors, Judge Day and Mr. Cortelyou, estimate the value of the estate to be about $210,000.
     No Attempt to Steal the Remains.—It is now generally thought that the guard who reported an attempt to rob the tomb of President McKinley in the cemetery at Canton, was self-deceived, his nerves having become overwrought by the loneliness of his position.
     A Private at Ft. Ethan Allen, Vt., has been court-martialled and discharged from the army and sentenced to imprisonment and hard labor for a year as a punishment for expressing satisfaction at the assassination of President McKinley.
     Mr. Cleveland delivered a speech at the Princeton University memorial meeting to Mr. McKinley, of which the New York Tribune has said:

     Of all the spoken tributes to the character and memory of President McKinley, not one has surpassed in dignity, discrimination and feeling that which was delivered in the great hall of Princeton University of Thursday by his only living predecessor.



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