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Cleveland Press
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Malatesta”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Cleveland, Ohio
Date of publication: 13 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: 7248
Pagination: [6]

“Malatesta.” Cleveland Press 13 Sept. 1901 n7248: p. [6].
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Errico Malatesta (public statements); McKinley assassination (international response: anarchists); United States (government: criticism).
Named persons
Emilio Aguinaldo; Leon Czolgosz; Frederick N. Funston; Errico Malatesta; William McKinley.



Compares the Shooting of McKinley to the Capture of Aguinaldo.

By Scripps-McRae Press Ass’n.
     London, Sept. 13.—Malatesta, the Italian anarchist, when interviewed, today, regarding the attack on President McKinley, said:
     “Why should anarchists condemn Czolgosz when the American government is the real teacher of violence? Anarchy wishes to abolish violence, but the Americans slaughter weaker people in the Philippines and Cuba, and England slaughters the Boers. Why should there be a cry of ‘good’ when the government; and ‘bad’ when the individual, resorts to force?
     “The people call Czolgosz a traitor for holding one hand toward the president, while he held a pistol in the other. Let Americans remember how Aguinaldo was captured. We cannot condemn Czolgosz, nor can we condemn Funston. Anarchists do not advocate such acts, which, frankly, are those of a revolutionist. But revolutionism is not individual; we must have the people with us in an organized body.
     “The anarchist plotters the papers talk about are a silly myth. We are not disturbed by the talk of repression. In a month’s time, if the president recovers, we will hear no more of it. The people are too busy making money. Also, history shows the futility of repression. If it is tried it will only make the tracing of the anarchists the harder.”
     When asked if there was any special reason for Czolgosz’s act, Malatesta tapped his forehead significantly and said: “Probably here.”