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Source: Morning Oregonian
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Anarchists Released”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Portland, Oregon
Date of publication: 24 September 1901
Volume number: 41
Issue number: 12725
Pagination: 2

“Anarchists Released.” Morning Oregonian 24 Sept. 1901 v41n12725: p. 2.
full text
anarchists (Chicago, IL); Emma Goldman (incarceration); Emma Goldman (public statements).
Named persons
Arthur Chetlain; Emma Goldman; William McKinley; John K. Prindiville [misspelled below].


Anarchists Released


Emma Goldman Will Be Set at Liberty Today When Her Case Comes Up.

     CHICAGO, Sept. 23.—The nine anarchists who have been under arrest here since the assassination of President McKinley were today given their freedom, Judge Chetlain so ordering after the prosecution had answered that there was no legal evidence against them. Emma Goldman was not a party to the proceedings. Her case is set for hearing tomorrow before Magistrate Prindeville, where she, as well as the nine men freed today are charged with conspiracy to murder President McKinley. The cases in the lower court with reference to the men are, of course, nullified by the action of Judge Chetlain today. Miss Goldman will also be set at liberty, as Justice Prindeville has agreed to take such action in her case as the upper court took in the cases of the men.
     When the court ordered the liberation of the prisoners there was not a trace of jubilation in their faces. They were sent back to jail, where they collected their belongings, chiefly magazines and newspapers, and then came down stairs, where they met friends and members of their families. For the first time they showed evidence of pleasure. The party then departed in various directions, refusing police protection to their homes.
     Emma Goldman received the news of the liberation of her friends with a laugh.
     “I guess they’ll have to let me go now,” she said. “It has been shown that the men named as conspirators with me did not conspire; and I fancy they would have trouble trying to show I conspired all by myself.”



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