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News and Herald
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
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Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Winnsboro, South Carolina
Date of publication:
14 May 1902
Volume number: none
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[untitled]. News and Herald 14 May 1902: p. 1.
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Czolgosz memorialization.
Named persons
Benedict Arnold; John Wilkes Booth; Aaron Burr; Benjamin F. Butler; Leon Czolgosz; Charles J. Guiteau [misspelled below].


     A correspondent of the Boston Transcript, commenting caustically on the proposition to erect a statue of Benjamin F. Butler in Boston, says that “the least we can do is to have a little ring of celebrities of this sort who have been conspicuous as malefactors standing up in the common.” He adds, “I shall be pleased to head a subscription list for this purpose. I will subscribe $25 for statue [sic] of Satan, $5 for Benedict Arnold, $10 for John Wilkes Booth, 30 cents for Aaron Burr, $5 for Guieteau and $5 for Czolgosz.” The writer also suggests the addition of horns and a tail for the Butler statue.