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Norwich Bulletin
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Portrait of M’Kinley Unveiled in London”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Norwich, Connecticut
Date of publication: 15 July 1914
Volume number: 56
Issue number: 167
Pagination: [11]

“Portrait of M’Kinley Unveiled in London.” Norwich Bulletin 15 July 1914 v56n167: p. [11].
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William McKinley (paintings); McKinley memorialization (London, England); Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
Named persons
Joseph G. Butler, Jr.; William McKinley; Walter H. Page; George T. Perks [misspelled below]; Robert William Perks [misspelled below].

Portrait of M’Kinley Unveiled in London


Speakers Cheered for Tributes Paid to His Career.

     London, July 14.—A portrait of the late President William McKinley, presented to the Wesleyan Methodist Central hall in Westminster by Joseph G. Butler, Jr., of Youngstown, O., was unveiled today by Walter Hines Page, the American ambassador.
     Sir Robert William Parks, a son of the Rev. G. T. Parks, former president of the Wesleyan conference, presided and in his speech referred to the “wonderful influence for good exercised by Methodists in the United States.”
     Mr. Butler received an ovation when he rose to speak, and he was also cheered for the tribute he paid to the career of President McKinley.