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Source: Ottumwa Semi-Weekly Courier
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Ottumwa, Iowa
Date of publication: 10 December 1901
Volume number: 53
Issue number: 77
Pagination: 2

[untitled]. Ottumwa Semi-Weekly Courier 10 Dec. 1901 v53n77: p. 2.
full text
McKinley memorialization (Iowa); McKinley assassination (government response: criticism).
Named persons
John Wilkes Booth; Leon Czolgosz; James A. Garfield; Charles J. Guiteau; Abraham Lincoln; William McKinley.



     Iowa people will not join with the capitol decoration commission which recommends that four panels be painted commemorating the assassination of President McKinley by an anarchist. All national decorations and monuments should represent the progress of the country toward a high civilization. We should strive to forget the acts that tend toward degradation. Good taste will object to any representation that will perpetuate the names of Booth, Guiteau or Czolgosz. The names of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley will survive so long as the annals of the republic survive.



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