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Source: Portsmouth Daily Times
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Portsmouth, Ohio
Date of publication: 12 September 1901
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 9
Pagination: [2]

[untitled]. Portsmouth Daily Times 12 Sept. 1901 v9n9: p. [2].
full text
William McKinley (medical care: personal response); William McKinley (surgery); William McKinley (medical care: compared with other cases); presidential assassinations (comparison); William McKinley (medical condition: public response).
Named persons
James A. Garfield; Stephen S. Halderman; William McKinley.
The print quality of the original source (an online scanned document) is poor in parts, rendering some text difficult to read.



     Dr. Halderman’s attention having been called to the fact that McKinley’s case seems to have been handled better surgically, than was Garfield’s, replied that twenty years is a long time in the evolution of surgery. The advances that have been made in the last twenty years are marvelous. McKinley’s case was a more serious one than that of Garfield, yet the physicians pulled him through in phenomenally short order. Surgery has not yet reached the point where it can take a man to [pieces?] and then put him together again, but it is pressing rapidly towards that consumation [sic].
     The doctor is amused at surgeon’s [sic] who are getting themselves interviewed, and incidentally getting much cheap advertising, men who possibly passed in and out of the sick room, having done nothing, and were spotted by the reporters.



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