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Publication information
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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Dr. Woolston Greeted on His Anniversary”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of publication: 20 January 1902
Volume number: 146
Issue number: 20
Pagination: 6

“Dr. Woolston Greeted on His Anniversary.” Philadelphia Inquirer 20 Jan. 1902 v146n20: p. 6.
C. Herbert Woolston; McKinley assassination (eyewitnesses).
Named persons
Edward VII; William McKinley; C. Herbert Woolston.


Dr. Woolston Greeted on His Anniversary [excerpt]

     Dr. Wool[s]ton is now 46 years old, having been born in Camden, N. J., on April 7, 1856. He spent five years in the South Jer[s]ey In[s]titute and two in the Crozer Se[m]inary. His first church wa[s] at South River[,] N. J., where he [s]erved five year[s]. The following two year[s] he [s]pent a[s] pa[s]tor of the Bapti[s]t Church at Lambertville, N. J. He then came to Philadelphia, where he i[s] now [s]tarting on his [s]ixteenth year at the Ea[s]t Bapti[s]t Church. He wa[s] the fir[s]t Philadelphia pa[s]tor to illu[s]trate his [s]ermon[s] with the lantern. From s[e]veral citi[es] have come tempting offer[s] to the Doctor, but they have all been declined, he preferring to remain wit[h] the church to which he is so [s]trongly attached. An offer [t]hat he i[s] con[s]idering at pre[s]ent comes from a London lectur[i]ng manager, who is de[s]irous of having Dr. Wool[s]ton give hi[s] lecture on the a[ss]a[ss]ination of Pre[s]ident McKinley at the time of the coronation of King Edward VII. He was [p]re[s]ent in the Temple of Music[,] at Buffalo, when the Pre[s]ident wa[s] [s]hot and hi[s] lecture on the [s]ubject has drawn large aud[i]ence[s] on the [se]veral occa[s]ion[s] when it wa[s] delivered.



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