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Source: Plymouth Tribune
Source type: newspaper
Document type: advertisement
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Plymouth, Indiana
Date of publication: 12 December 1901
Volume number: 1
Issue number: 10
Pagination: 1

[advertisement]. Plymouth Tribune 12 Dec. 1901 v1n10: p. 1.
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advertisements (McKinley memorial books); advertisements (Life and Distinguished Services of William McKinley); McKinley memorialization (books).
Named persons
Chauncey M. Depew; Charles H. Grosvenor; Albert Halstead; Murat Halstead; William McKinley; John Sherman.




Everybody   Wants   It!

Murat   Halstead’s   Great   Book,   Life   and
Public    Services    of     the    Late    William
McKinley.  .  .  .  .  .


     For a limited time only we are enabled to offer to our subscribers, old and new, this book, which has turned out to be one of the greatest sellers in the history of literature. Mr. Halstead himself was astonished at its popularity and sought to recover the copyright for his own use but the courts promptly decided against him and held him to his contract.
     The book contains 540 pages and is copiously illustrated from photographs. Senator Chauncey M. Depew, General C. H. Grosvenor, the late Secretary ofState [sic] John Sherman and Colonel Albert Halstead contributed chapters and the work covers McKinley’s entire life from his birth to his death and burial. It is a liberal education and should be in every home.


What It Costs Our Subscribers:

     Any person paying all arrearages and one year in advance from this date in cash for the weekly edition of THE PLYMOUTH TRIBUNE may have the Life of McKinley for 50 cents. The regular price of the book is $1.50 and of the paper $1.50; we sell the two for $2.00.
     The price for THE DAILY TRIBUNE ten weeks in advance and the Life of McKinley is $1.50, payable in cash with all arrearages.


Call on or Address, THE PLYMOUTH TRIBUNE,

Plymouth, Indiana.



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