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Source type: newspaper
Document type: letter to the editor
Document title: none
Author(s): Hudnell, S. C.
City of publication: New York, New York
Date of publication: 12 September 1901
Volume number: 69
Issue number: 12
Pagination: 6

Hudnell, S. C. [untitled]. Sun [New York] 12 Sept. 1901 v69n12: p. 6.
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yellow journalism; anarchism (causes); New York Journal.
Named persons
S. C. Hudnell.


     TO THE EDITOR OF THE SUNSir: Yellow journalism has done more toward breeding anarchy and encouraging strikes than perhaps all other sources combined. If we would put down anarchy, riots and strikes, then let us aim at the cause, and stamp out the newspaper which incites anarchy, and stands for slander, sensation and evil influences.

S. C. HUDNELL.     

     NEW YORK, Sept. 9.