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Sunday Star
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Memory of Dead President”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Washington, DC
Date of publication: 8 September 1907
Volume number: none
Issue number: 17150
Part/Section: 1
Pagination: 16

“Memory of Dead President.” Sunday Star 8 Sept. 1907 n17150: part 1, p. 16.
McKinley memorial services (Washington, DC); Max R. Kubatz; McKinley assassination (eyewitnesses).
Named persons
William A. Hickey; Max R. Kubatz [middle initial wrong below]; Thacker E. Lee; William McKinley; Oliver Preston.
This Sunday installment of Evening Star has two issue numbers, 17150 and 129. The former represents the newspapers’s overall enumeration (i.e., counting all days of the week) while the latter represents the Sunday-specific enumeration.

Memory of Dead President


Assassination of William McKinley Recalled at Meeting of Veterans.

     The assassination of the late President McKinley at the Pan-American exposition in Buffalo, N. Y., September 6, 1901, six years ago, was recalled Friday night in memorial services held by soldiers, sailors and marines at G. A. R. Hall. Representatives from all of the local garrisons of the Army and Navy Union were present.
     The meeting was called to order at 8 p.m., Commander T. E. Lee in the chair, and on motion of William A. Hickey, the privilege of the floor was granted to Mr. Max W. Kubatz of Roosevelt Garrison, No. 74, late of the regular army, who was an eyewitness to the shooting of President McKinley, having been on guard at the exposition the day the assassination occurred. Mr. Kubatz was at the time a member of Company 73 of the Coast Artillery. His remarks were followed by a prayer offered by Acting Chaplain O. Preston, and during the reading those present stood with bowed heads in respect to the memory of the martyred President.