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Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial column
Document title: “Current Topics”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Richmond, Virginia
Date of publication: 10 December 1901
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 262
Pagination: 4

“Current Topics.” Times [Richmond] 10 Dec. 1901 v16n262: p. 4.
penal colonies (anarchists).
Named persons
George F. Hoar.

Current Topics

     Senator Hoar’s proposition for the deportation of anarchists to an island, like Gu[a]m, is most excellent. The island should be uninhabited, so that neither laws nor customs of any kind would be in o[p]eration. Then there would be a free f[i]eld for anarchy and its votaries would be able to experiment upon thems[e]lv[e]s without let or hindranc[e] from law or the rules of organiz[e]d society. They would have an opportunity of demonstrating to the world th[e] superiority of their doctrines over those held by the rest of the world. If they succeeded in establishing a new Atlantis, their example would be followed, and the millenium [sic] would be at hand.
     If the anarchists were deported to an uninhabited island th[e]y would [a]t least be r[e]moved from the contaminating influences of organized communities and consequently ought not to com[p]lain. The [e]xperiment is well worth the trial, and w[e] most sincer[e]ly hope that S[e]nator Hoar will r[e]duce his suggestion to the form of a bill that Congress can pass. Last night ther[e] was a socialistic-anarchistic gathering in this city, at which the name of Czolgosz was cheer[e]d. It was a fitting place for it, and if the whole body there gatherred [sic] could have been pick[e]d up and deported society would be none the loser. As it was, nothing was done. Nothing ever will b[e] done until Federal laws are [e]nacted making it dangerous to hold such doctrines, and visiting the penalty of banishment on all men who profess to [be] anarchistis [sic].