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Source: Wichita Daily Eagle
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Dr. Mary Walker on Czolgosz”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Wichita, Kansas
Date of publication: 12 November 1901
Volume number: 35
Issue number: 152
Pagination: 4

“Dr. Mary Walker on Czolgosz.” Wichita Daily Eagle 12 Nov. 1901 v35n152: p. 4.
full text
Mary Edwards Walker; William McKinley (detractors); McKinley assassination (personal response).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; William McKinley; Mary Edwards Walker.


Dr. Mary Walker on Czolgosz

     Dr. Mary Walker, who was a Woman’s Rights celebrity when the gray-haired men of the present were mere boys, is after all these years again in evidence. She is charged with having made disparaging remarks about McKinley, who was one president whom she couldn’t work. She declared him to be as much of a murderer as Czolgosz. This Dr. Mary Walker is an old grafter. She has hung around congress, and the departments, since the memory of the living runneth not to the contrary. She has, or used to have a husband, who was about as effeminate as Dr. Mary would be masculine. Although small of stature, she wears trousers and a coat and vest. Her hardened, weasin [sic] face is adorned with a whisker here and there and the shade on her upper lip amounts almost to a moustache. She figured in war, and in public life in the days of the Lincoln administration, for which, in some way, she worked a pension out of the government. It [sic] we recollect correctly, her pension was granted bzy [sic] a special act of congress, which act she took a lively part in lobbying through. At any rate she has been a pensioner for years. It is now proposed by another act of congress to deprive her of it. Few will probably be found objecting. Still, she is a woman, in spite of her breeches and whiskers, a garrulous old woman, and it might be wiser to ignore her ungracious, ill-timed and unpatriotic words.



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