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Source: Weekly Tallahasseean
Source type: newspaper
Document type: advertisement
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Tallahassee, Florida
Date of publication: 27 September 1901
Volume number: 21
Issue number: 31
Pagination: [8]

[advertisement]. Weekly Tallahasseean 27 Sept. 1901 v21n31: p. [8].
full text
advertisements (McKinley memorial books); advertisements (Our Martyr Presidents); McKinley memorialization (books).
Named persons
John Wilkes Booth; John Coulter; Shelby M. Cullom; James A. Garfield; Charles J. Guiteau; Abraham Lincoln; William McKinley.





     Nothing since Lincoln’s assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth and the murder of President Garfield by Charles Jules Guiteau has any crime struck home with such terrible force to the sympathetic hearts of the American people and so shocked the civilized world, as the cowardly assassination of President McKinley.
     The book manufacturing firm of Geo. M. Hill Co., Chicago and New York, as publishers of “Our Martyr Presidents,” afford a typical example of modern enterprise.
     The book is a timely one, a magnificent memorial volume; a book for the millions of patriotic Americans.
     “Our Martyr Presidents” will contain a full account of the illustrious lives, public and private, and the glorious deeds of McKinley, Garfield and Lincoln, together with the history of their assassins, of anarchy, and of the noted assassinations of a century. The author, John Coulter, is a famous historian, biographer and journalist. The introduction is by the Hon [sic] Shelby M. Cullom, United States Senator from Illinois, the life-long, intimate and honored friend of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley. His introduction is a sufficient recommendation to every American citizen for the authenticity and high character of this work, and a guarantee that the acceptance of “Our Martyred President” [sic] will be hearty and spontaneous.
     The volume will be profusely illustrated with over one hundred fine engravings. The complete volume will be ready at an early date.



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