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Source: Law Times
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial column
Document title: “The Law and the Lawyers”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 5 October 1901
Volume number: 111
Issue number: 3053
Pagination: 491-93 (excerpt below includes only page 491)

“The Law and the Lawyers.” Law Times 5 Oct. 1901 v111n3053: pp. 491-93.
Leon Czolgosz (trial: international response); Leon Czolgosz (trial: compared with Bellingham trial).
Named persons
John Bellingham; William McKinley; Spencer Perceval.


The Law and the Lawyers [excerpt]

THE deliberation and absence of all unseemly haste which have characterised the trial of the assassin of President MCKINLEY, and the interval which will elapse between the passing of the sentence of death and the execution of the criminal, are in striking and pleasing contrast with the rapidity which marked the trial and execution of the assassin of Mr. PERCEVAL, when Prime Minister, in 1812. Mr. PERCEVAL, whose tragic ending by the pistol of an assassin in the House of Commons appeals with particular pathos to members of the Bar, since he had attained to eminence at the Bar and had filled the position of Attorney-General, was murdered on the 11th May. BELLINGHAM, his assassin, was tried, convicted, and sentenced on the 15th May. He was hanged on the 18th May, the day week [sic] on which the crime had been perpetrated.



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