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Weekly Law Bulletin and the Ohio Law Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 23 September 1901
Volume number: 46
Issue number: none
Pagination: 133

[untitled]. Weekly Law Bulletin and the Ohio Law Journal 23 Sept. 1901 v46: p. 133.
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Montgomery County Bar Association; William McKinley (death: public response: Dayton, OH); resolutions (Montgomery County Bar Association); William McKinley (memorial addresses).
Named persons
R. Otto Baumann; Wickliffe Bellville; Philo G. Burnham; John L. H. Frank; Lewis B. Gunckel [misspelled below]; Thomas B. Herrman; David A. Houk; Ida McKinley; William McKinley; John A. McMahon; Harry L. Munger; Robert M. Nevin; George R. Young.
Alternate journal title: Weekly Law Bulletin and Ohio Law Journal.


     The Bar Association of Montgomery Co. held a meeting at the courthouse at Dayton on Monday last on account of the death of President McKinley. Harry L. Munger presided and on motion a committee to draft appropriate resolutions was appointed, as follows: George R. Young, David A. Houk, John A. MíMahon, Robert M. Nevin, Thomas B. Herrman, R. Otto Baumann.
     Addresses were made by Hon. L. B. Gunkel, Ph. G. Burnham, J. L. H. Frank, Wickliffe Bellville and others. The resolutions prepared by the committee were read by Hon. Geo. R. Young, and were adopted. It was resolved to send a copy of the resolutions to Mrs. McKinley.