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Source: Conservative
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Black Whiteness”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 7 November 1901
Volume number: 4
Issue number: 18
Pagination: 1

“Black Whiteness.” Conservative 7 Nov. 1901 v4n18: p. 1.
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anarchism (personal response).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Johann Most; Booker T. Washington.


Black Whiteness

     There are some men with white skins and black souls—men whose intellects are darker than darkest Africa. These black white men often frequent political gatherings and sometimes achieve social and political positions of prominence.
     There are some black men with strong minds who, by diligent study, have accumulated great stores of useful knowledge and bestowed innumerable benefits upon mankind. These white black men are worthy of all consideration. They even make more agreeable dinner-mates than black white men. That is to say, intelligence incarnated in charcoal-colored men is more entertaining and instructive than ignorance skin-clothed in white. It would please most thinking men to dine with Booker T. Washington rather than with Herr Most, Leon Czolgosz or any other ignorant white anarchist. A mind white with useful knowledge in ever so black a body is better than an intellect black with ignorance in ever so white a body.



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