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Source: Free Society
Source type: magazine
Document type: letter to the editor
Document title: “Two Kinds of Anarchy”
Author(s): Livesey, Francis B.
Date of publication: 29 June 1902
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 26
Pagination: 5

Livesey, Francis B. “Two Kinds of Anarchy.” Free Society 29 June 1902 v9n26: p. 5.
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anarchists; Kate Austin; anarchists (Caplinger Mills, MO); J. C. Barnes; anarchists (Hindsboro, IL); Francis B. Livesey; Leon Czolgosz (as anarchist); Leon Czolgosz (as socialist).
Named persons
Kate Austin; J. C. Barnes; Leon Czolgosz; Francis B. Livesey.


Two Kinds of Anarchy

     I see in FREE SOCIETY of June 15 that Kate Austin, of Caplinger Mills, Mo., denies the existence of two kinds of Anarchists, and she quotes Dr. J. C. Barnes, Hindsboro, Ill., when he rebuked me a little for my circular in which I made a distinction between the “reds” and the philosophicals.
     In consideration of the prepondering testimony of Dr. Barnes in the press in favor of a purely peaceful propaganda, I never deemed his rebuke to me of any weight; but as Kate Austin now seeks to emphasize it, I will emphasize myself toward both her and Dr. Barnes and will ask them both if Dr. Barnes considers himself the same kind of an Anarchist as the man who killed the king of Italy? I have considered that man a “red” Anarchist and Dr. Barnes a fitting type of philosophical Anarchist.
     I will not call Czolgosz an Anarchist, for I think him simply a product of the public schools, and more of a Socialist discontent than anything else.
     For myself, I do not pose as an Anarchist of any kind, as I think the term “Christian,” properly applied, covers more liberty than anything known.


     Sykesville, Md.



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