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Popular Phrenologist
Source type: magazine
Document type: article
Document title: “Leon F. Czolgosz”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: October 1901
Volume number: 6
Issue number: 70
Pagination: 153

“Leon F. Czolgosz.” Popular Phrenologist Oct. 1901 v6n70: p. 153.
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Leon Czolgosz (phrenological examination).
Named persons
Frederick Bridges; Leon Czolgosz.

Leon F. Czolgosz

     The portraits of Czolgosz which have been published in the various newspapers, show him to be possessed of large Combativeness, Destructiveness, Secretiveness, Philoprogenitiveness, and social organs; and small reasoning organs. The whole of the upper front head shows deficiency, including Wit and the ideal and refining organs. The position of the ears in the head is remarkable, and when the phreno-metrical angle introduced by Bridges (and described by him in his “Crime and Criminals” and “Practical Phrenology”) is applied to this head, the typical murderer is revealed.
     The portion of the brain above a horizontal line drawn from the centre of ossification of the frontal bone (Causality), indicates the region of the location of the moral powers, and in the head of Czolgosz this region is very small by contrast with the quantity of brain below the line. Undoubtedly, whatever other incentives or inducements there may have been to commit the purposeless crime with which he is charged, the gratification of his baser passions of wanton destructiveness takes a foremost place. It may be that he was impressed by the teachings of theorists, and his judgment warped as a consequence; but there can be no doubt, when the teaching dealt with assassination, it fell upon fruitful soil. The largest organs of a man’s brain are the most eager for opportunities of expression, and when they operate apparently under the dictates of judgment, no matter how warped, they will do so, and feel justified. Hence the crime of September 6th.