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Star of the Magi
Source type: magazine
Document type: article
Document title: “Predictions on the Assassination”
Author(s): Wood, News E.
Date of publication: 1 October 1901
Volume number: 2
Issue number: 12
Pagination: 11

Wood, News E. “Predictions on the Assassination.” Star of the Magi 1 Oct. 1901 v2n12: p. 11.
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McKinley assassination (predictions).
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G. W. Cunningham; Julius Erickson; James A. Garfield; Ernest S. Green; Evans Hugh [in reverse order below]; Abraham Lincoln; William McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt; Frederick White; Willis F. Whitehead.
“By News E. Wood, A. M., M. D.” (p. 11).

Predictions on the Assassination

     That the STAR contained no prophecy on the evil that has befallen the administration of our lamented President is in keeping with our conviction that it is unwise to suggest the end of life of any man, especially that of one occupying the responsible station of President of the United States. We were aware, however, of the evil testimonies that both heliocentric and geocentric horoscopes of President McKinley’s last inauguration gave. As the sad confirmation of these testimonies is now a matter of history it is due to the occult science of Astrology that I make public what I have at hand in the matter.
     First of all, some two weeks before the inauguration of President McKinley, I received a letter from Mr. White of the Adept who, at its close, asked that Mr. Whitehead write up a horoscope on the inauguration. Mr. Whitehead made a figure and told me that it promised personal violence for the President; he was quite concerned over it. He agreed with me that nothing should be published about it and we dropped the matter. I will only add to the heliocentric side of the case that the position of the planets on September 6 were in keeping with the terrible event.
     The geocentric side of the case is abundant in material. Professor Cunningham elsewhere gives his view of the inauguration horoscope. An almost identical figure to his was published in The Metaphysical Magazine last April, Mr. Julius Erickson of St. Louis delineating the same. I make the following extracts:

     “As the Sun is afflicted by Uranus, ruler of the 8th house (commonly understood to be the house of death), from the 6th house, it denotes a very serious illness for the executive and grave danger of death. He will be in grave danger of accident or some such event while on a long journey.”
     “An especially vexatious and serious time may be looked for during the early part of June, 1901. The President will be in danger of illness or accident about that time; in fact, the President is under aspect somewhat similar in nature to those in operation when Lincoln and Garfield assumed office.”

     The September number of Coming Events contains the following prediction by Hugh Evans, its editor:

     “I am sorry to predict a death which will affect the nation and cause widespread sorrow.” “An unusual number of well-known names will figure in the obituary columns during the month.” (Page 401.)

     “Old Moore’s Almanack” for 1901, in its predictions for September, gives the following:

     “Death will stalk through the land; the tolling of the bell will be heard, and groups of people will be seen in the streets of our cities, mournful and sad.”

     By request, I give the following suppressed “copy” by Mr. Ernest S. Green, dated “Nov. 10, 1890,” viz:

     “Now, should Mr. McKinley die or be assassinated between now and the 4th of next March, which I do not anticipate, the horary chart of the minute of his nomination would be literally correct after all, and it would explain why both had testimonies against their attaining the office. Should Mr. Roosevelt then become President instead of Vice-President it would also show that he was not to have the position for which he was nominated—but a higher one.”