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Source: Truth Seeker
Source type: magazine
Document type: letter to the editor
Document title: “The ‘Island Plan’ Proposed”
Author(s): Pierce, Mel
Date of publication: 9 November 1901
Volume number: 28
Issue number: 45
Pagination: 714

Pierce, Mel. “The ‘Island Plan’ Proposed.” Truth Seeker 9 Nov. 1901 v28n45: p. 714.
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Kate Austin; anarchists (Caplinger Mills, MO); penal colonies (anarchists); Emma Goldman; anarchists; McKinley assassination (personal response); freedom of speech.
Named persons
Kate Austin; Leon Czolgosz; Emma Goldman; Mel Pierce.
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The “Island Plan” Proposed

To the Editor of The Truth Seeker.
     Mrs. Kate Austin’s say is enough for one say, and I dare say that you feel you deserve it. Why would it not suit such people as Kate, and Emma Goldman, Isaaks, et al. [sic], to give them free transportation to an island in the Pacific ocean [sic], there to run a government without law? That is what they say they want, and why not satisfy them? I can see no reason why men and women who think there should be no law would object to taking their own medicine. The United States have islands that would be charming with such women as Kate Austin and Emma Goldman to see that no government rears its head, and if it did to cut it off. Let us give the darlings what they want, by all means; then we can see how nice it works. The world will have a pattern what-you-call-it, and we can then see how fine a no governed government is. There can be no valid argument against thus satisfying the noble men and women who advocate Anarchy.
     Czolgosz has given free speech the worst stab in the heart it ever got. I would not be surprised if it hit and downed the grand old Truth Seeker. I think the people will want to do right, but in their zeal they are very liable to strike outside the mark and give liberty, that should exist, some terrible blows.
     At the last meeting of the A. S. U. I see there were men of sense enough to elect men of sense to fill the offices of the Union. The last Truth Seeker simply shows that you elected no fly-up-the-creeks for your officers as you did last year for the head of the Union.
     Hoping that the Anarchists will soon get a place, all by themselves, where governments and law are unknown and freedom runs riot, I am very sincerely yours,



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