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Source: Buffalo Enquirer
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Attempt to Poison Czolgosz”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Buffalo, New York
Date of publication: 10 September 1901
Volume number: 58
Issue number: 37
Pagination: 6

“Attempt to Poison Czolgosz.” Buffalo Enquirer 10 Sept. 1901 v58n37: p. 6.
full text
Leon Czolgosz (incarceration: Buffalo, NY: public response).
Named persons
Patrick V. Cusack; Leon Czolgosz; Michael Donovan.


Attempt to Poison Czolgosz



     A mysterious looking package arrived at Police Headquarters today for Czolgosz, through the mail.
     Inspector Donovan took charge of it and made an examination of it. The package was about four inches square and two inches thick. A piece of heavy wrapping paper was used as a cover. The inspector carefully tore one corner of the paper loose, no doubt having visions of infernal mechines [sic]. When the paper was torn loose it was found that there was a pasteboard box inside. The twine about the parcel was not cut nor torn and the inspector cut open one corner of the box. Another layer of paper was found. After this was opened the package was found to contain some boiled cabbage, potatoes and a piece of boiled bacon.
     The package was taken into Chief of Detectives Cusack’s office. The head of the detective force looked at the contents of the package and told the inspector to throw it into the furnace.
     After the package had been destroyed it was thought by the police that the food was probably sent to Czolgosz by someone who wanted to poison him. No investigation was made to determine as to whether or not the food contained poison. If the sender sent the mixture with the idea that it would be given to Czolgosz he was badly mistaken, for this would not be done. A strict watch is being placed over the prisoner and nothing is allowed to go to him unless the officials know what it is.



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