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Source: Buffalo Evening News
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Assassin Czolgosz Ceases His Boasting”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Buffalo, New York
Date of publication: 10 September 1901
Volume number: 42
Issue number: 129
Pagination: 8

“Assassin Czolgosz Ceases His Boasting.” Buffalo Evening News 10 Sept. 1901 v42n129: p. 8.
full text
Leon Czolgosz (mental health); Leon Czolgosz (psychiatric examination); Joseph Fowler (public statements).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Joseph Fowler; William McKinley; Thomas Penney.


Assassin Czolgosz Ceases His Boasting


His Bravado Giving Way to Fear.

He May Try to Feign Insanity.

     When Czolgosz is placed on trial for his murderous attack on President McKinley it is believed he will seek to avoid punishment by feigning insanity. District Attorney Penney and the others who see him daily refuse to talk of the prisoner and his actions, but it is understood the Cleveland anarchist has lost much of the defiance which characterized him at the time of the commission of his dastardly act. He no longer boasts spectacularly of having “done his duty.”
     On the contrary, he seems to have come to a realization of the enormity of his act and of the universal desire on the part of the people that the severest punishment the law allows shall be meted out to him with all possible speed.
     It is safe to assume that he desires to avoid that punishment, and naturally enough the insanity dodge would be the first ruse to suggest itself. It may be said right here, however, on authority which cannot well be questioned, that Czolgosz is not insane and was not when he brutally shot down the President on Friday last. When his trial comes off the District Attorney will be able to establish beyond shadow of a doubt that Czolgosz was in his right mind at the time of his murderous attack upon the Chief Executive.
     Dr. Joseph Fowler, insanity expert for the Police Department, has been with Czolgosz for an hour or two each day since the arrest of the anarchist, studying his mental condition.
     When seen this morning the doctor declined to discuss the prisoner’s mental condition. He would not say whether Czolgosz was feigning insanity.
     “I have elected to watch him at times when the District Attorney and others were questioning him,” said Dr. Fowler this morning, “because at such times I could devote my entire attention to him, without having to think, myself, of questions to ask him. District Attorney Penney, however, has requested me not to talk about him for publication.”



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