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Source: Barre Evening Telegram
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Barre, Vermont
Date of publication: 23 November 1901
Volume number: 4
Issue number: 191
Pagination: [2]

[untitled]. Barre Evening Telegram 23 Nov. 1901 v4n191: p. [2].
full text
Auburn, NY; Leon Czolgosz (waxworks); Leon Czolgosz (popular culture); McKinley assassination (popular culture); Waldeck Czolgosz; Czolgosz family (at Auburn, NY); society (criticism).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Waldeck Czolgosz; William McKinley.



     What sort of a town is Auburn, N. Y.? Is it the same town where a state penitentiary exists and where the prison authorities did their duty so admirably and without sensation in the execution of Czolgosz? In that town a wax figure of Leon Czolgosz, the miserable assassin of President McKinley, was exhibited last week, and accounts say that thousands of people flocked to see it. Moreover, the museum manager had Waldeck Czolgosz, the brother of the assassin, as one of the attractions. It was the business of this brother to lecture to the crowds and to declare that justice had been done that brother when the state executed him by electricity. The entire community is humiliated by a spectacle which the despatches [sic] say was a “star attraction.” The manager was pessimist enough to bebelieve [sic] that the morbid “attraction” would bring money into his till. And he was right. But who were the people to whom this manager pandered? Certainly, they were not the intelligent, patriotic citizens of the greatest state in the country. And if not, then it must be admitted that we have a class of persons living in this country as illy fitted for citizenship as Czolgosz himself. Either conclusion is shameful.



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