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Deaf-Mutes’ Journal
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Interest in President McKinley at the Eden Musee”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: New York, New York
Date of publication: 12 September 1901
Volume number: 30
Issue number: 37
Pagination: [3?]

“Interest in President McKinley at the Eden Musee.” Deaf-Mutes’ Journal 12 Sept. 1901 v30n37: p. [3?].
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Eden Musee; McKinley assassination (public response); William McKinley (waxworks); William McKinley (popular culture); Leon Czolgosz (waxworks); Leon Czolgosz (popular culture); Pan-American Exposition (popular culture).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; James A. Garfield; Charles J. Guiteau; William McKinley.

Interest in President McKinley at the Eden Musee

     The enterprise of the management of the Eden Musee was admirably shown immediately after the attempted assassination of President McKinley. A large force of artists are constantly engaged at the Musee in preparing new wax groups. Nearly a dozen are completed, all but the finishing touches, and orders were given to complete them Saturday. The manager of the Musee was just leaving when the news came of the attempted assassination. Immediately all of the artists were telegraphed and at eight o’clock they were at work on a new figure of President McKinley, and in making ready for a figure of the assassin. A telegraphic description was secured from Buffalo but it was found inadequate. One of the Musee’s artists happened to be in Buffalo at the time of the attempted murder. With great difficulty he saw the anarchist and made a few quick sketches and secured the measurements from the police. Early Saturday morning he was on his way to New York, and by evening all the artists were working upon the figure of Leon Czolgosz. By Sunday morning it was completed and was placed on exhibition. This is the quickest time on record for the making of a complete wax figure, and in all twenty persons were employed. A new figure of President McKinley was also added to the group of the Rulers of the World. The figure of the assassin was placed in the prison cell in the Chamber of Horrors. This is the same cell that was once occupied by Guiteau, the murderer of Garfield. In addition to these wax figures there are other features at the Musee which will be of special interest at the present time. Moving pictures are shown hourly of President McKinley, and also pictures of the Pan-American Exhibition, showing several views of the Temple of Music, where the attempted assassination took place. Wherever President McKinley’s picture is shown the enthusiasm aroused among the visitors show his wonderful popularity and the grief at his dangerous condition. During the first evening these pictures were shown many women wept.