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Source: Norwich Bulletin
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Portrait of M’Kinley Unveiled in London”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Norwich, Connecticut
Date of publication: 15 July 1914
Volume number: 56
Issue number: 167
Pagination: [11]

“Portrait of M’Kinley Unveiled in London.” Norwich Bulletin 15 July 1914 v56n167: p. [11].
full text
William McKinley (paintings); McKinley memorialization (London, England); Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
Named persons
Joseph G. Butler, Jr.; William McKinley; Walter H. Page; George T. Perks [misspelled below]; Robert William Perks [misspelled below].


Portrait of M’Kinley Unveiled in London


Speakers Cheered for Tributes Pa[i]d to His Career.

     London, July 14.—A portrait of the late President William McKinley, presented to the Wesleyan Methodist Central hall in Westminster by Jose[p]h G. Butler, Jr., of Youngstown, O., was unveiled today by Walter Hines Page, the American ambassador.
     Sir Robert William Parks, a son of the Rev. G. T. Parks, former president of the Wesleyan conference, presided and in his speech referred to the “wonderful influence for good exercised [b]y Methodists in the United States.”
     Mr. Butler received an ovation when he rose to speak, and he was also cheered for the tribute he paid to t[h]e career of President McKinley.



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