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Source: Sunday News
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Whereabouts of Czolgocz” [sic]
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Charleston, South Carolina
Date of publication: 15 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: none
Pagination: 5

“Whereabouts of Czolgocz” [sic]. Sunday News 15 Sept. 1901: p. 5.
full text
William S. Bull (public statements); Leon Czolgosz (incarceration: Buffalo, NY: relocation).
Named persons
William S. Bull; Leon Czolgosz [misspelled below].


Whereabouts of Czolgocz [sic]


He Has Been Removed, but Whither Is Not Known.

     Buffalo, N. Y., September 15.—At 12.30 o’clock this (Sunday) morning Superintendent of Police Bull issued the following notice to the press:
     “To relieve the heavy police detail at No 1 station, that their services might be used for other important details, it was decided, on consultation with the district attorney, to remove the President’s assassin from the headquarter’s building, which has been done.”
     Superintendent Bull left the police headquarters before the statement was given out and could not be found afterward. Nothing is known as to where the prisoner is now confined. There are two places where he could be taken, to the jail or the penitentiary, and it is likely that Czolgocz is now in one of these places.



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