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Source: Sentinel
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Army Order Approved”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Montevallo, Alabama
Date of publication: 19 September 1901
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 5
Series: new series
Pagination: [6]

“Army Order Approved.” Sentinel 19 Sept. 1901 v9n5 (new series): p. [6].
full text
William McKinley (death: government response); William McKinley (mourning); McKinley funeral train (persons aboard).
Named persons
John Rutter Brooke; George L. Gillespie [first name wrong below]; Frank Warren Hackett; Arthur MacArthur; William McKinley; Nelson A. Miles; Elwell S. Otis; Elihu Root.


Army Order Approved

     Secretary Root has approved the order of the army announcing the death of President McKinley. It orders that:
     At dawn thirteen guns will be fired at each military post, and afterwards at intervals of thirty minutes between the rising and setting sun a single gun, and at the close of the day the salute of the union of forty-five guns. The national flag will be displayed at half mast. On the 19th instant, the day of the funeral, all labor will be suspended at all military posts and stations and on all the public works under the direction of the department, and at noon twenty-one minute guns will be fired. The officers of the army will wear the usual badges of mourning. The following officers will compose the guard of honor and accompany the remains of their late commander-in-chief from the national capitol to Canton, O: Lieutenant General Nelson A. Miles; Major Generals John R. Brooke, Elwell S. Otis and Arthur McArthur, and Brigadier General Joe L. Gillespie.
     Acting Secretary of the Navy Hackett has issued an order to the navy directing the firing of half-hour guns and the half-masting of ensigns and anion [sic] jacks.



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