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Source: Wichita Daily Eagle
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Herr Most Mostly Mouth”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Wichita, Kansas
Date of publication: 12 December 1901
Volume number: 36
Issue number: 22
Pagination: [4]

“Herr Most Mostly Mouth.” Wichita Daily Eagle 12 Dec. 1901 v36n22: p. [4].
full text
Johann Most; penal colonies (anarchists); anarchism (personal response).
Named persons
George F. Hoar; William McKinley; Johann Most.


Herr Most Mostly Mouth

     Herr Most, the noted New York anarchist, who should have been hung or deported many years ago for the seeds of sedition sown by him, has been heard from again. He denounces Senator Hoar’s suggestion that all anarchists be sent to some island of the far Pacific, there to work out their own ideas of irresponsibility and confusion, in which everybody would be for himself and damned be all government for anybody. Most declares that none would be sent except those well known, and that they are but a few among many, and that he would probably be the first man bounced, in which event he would logically be king of the island. As anarchists do not believe in kings, or other heads of government, old King Most would be assassinated, instanter [sic], by some convert to his own preachings. And there would be no monument erected to Most’s memory, as that would cost money, and anarchists have no use for labor, which is necessary to the production of money. No, Mr. Most couldn’t be king. That which, however, would worry Mr. Most most would be the fact that he could not dead-beat a living by shooting off his mouth. The safer place for Mr. Most, safer from having his worthless hide punctured by an anarchist assassin’s knife, and safer for all honest people, is the cell of the prison in which he is now confined for spouting the treason which led up to the murder of our lamented president, that incorruptible official, that pure and noble man, that patriotic American, William McKinley, the victim of anarchism.



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