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To consult a full list of the original one hundred documents added to the MAI website, go to the “First 100” portion of this site. These documents, as well as all of the new additions listed below, are included in the indexes.



 April 2021

[untitled]. Philadelphia Record 15 Sept. 1901 n10787: p. 4. VIEW



 March 2021 (21 documents added)

[untitled]. Philadelphia Record 13 Sept. 1901 n10785: p. [4]. VIEW

“‘As Usual.’” St. James’s Gazette 10 Sept. 1901 v43n6594: p. 4. VIEW

“At Buffalo Police Headquarters.” Free Press 21 Sept. 1901 v19n1: p. [2]. VIEW

“Buffalo Bill Wept.” Buffalo Evening Times 7 Sept. 1901 v35n154: p. 8. VIEW

“Carrying the Body of the President into the Capitol Between a Crowd of Distinguished Officers.” Philadelphia Inquirer 18 Sept. 1901 v145n80: p. 16. VIEW

Culver, Richard K. “Liberty Is Not License.” Los Angeles Herald 8 Sept. 1901 v28n343: part 1, p. 6. VIEW

“Czolgosz Is Contrasted with President M’Kinley.” Milwaukee Journal 12 Sept. 1901 v19: p. 9. VIEW

Dana, Percy. “The Army’s Tribute to the Nation’s Dead.” Wave 21 Sept. 1901 v23n17: p. 1. VIEW

Dana, Percy. “The Crowd Before the ‘Chronicle’ Reading the First News of the Crime.” Wave 14 Sept. 1901 v23n16: p. 4. VIEW

“Thd [sic] Dishonesty of the Roman Catholic Authorities.” Truth Seeker 30 Nov. 1901 v28n48: pp. 756-57. VIEW

“Dr. M’Burney.” Asbury Park Daily Press 11 Sept. 1901 v15n217: p. 5. VIEW

“Funeral Train en Route from Washington to Canton—a Scene at a Way Station.” Free Press 28 Sept. 1901 v19n1: p. [2]. VIEW

“A Good Bill.” Commoner 27 Sept. 1901 v1n36: p. 3. VIEW

“Guarding the President.” Sunday Morning Star 29 Sept. 1901 v21: p. 4. VIEW

“Hearst and His ‘Journal.’” Weekly People 5 Oct. 1901 v10n26: p. 4. VIEW

“Held McKinley’s Hand.” Billboard 26 Oct. 1901 v13n43: p. 3. VIEW

Holmes, William. “Comm nt” [sic]. Free Society 21 Dec. 1902 v9n51: pp. 2-3. VIEW

Mitchell, Frederic W. “John Most and Freiheit.” Truth Seeker 30 Nov. 1901 v28n48: p. 759. VIEW

“Nail Up the Bars for Keeps!” Ottumwa Semi-Weekly Courier 10 Oct. 1901 v53n60: p. 10. VIEW

“Pertinent Points.” Jefferson Bee 12 Sept. 1901 v34n37: p. [5]. VIEW

“Petition in Favor of Czolgosz.” Post Express 26 Sept. 1901 v43n93: p. 2. VIEW



 February 2021 (20 documents added)

[advertisement]. Los Angeles Times 19 Sept. 1901 v40n107: p. 16. VIEW

[untitled]. Bridport Sun 3 Oct. 1901 v2n4: p. 4. VIEW

[untitled]. Little Falls Herald 27 Sept. 1901 v13n31: p. [4]. VIEW

“Auburn State Prison.” Fifth Annual Report of the State Commission of Prisons. [n.p.]: [State of New York], [1899]: [unnumbered plate]. VIEW

Carter, Robert. “President’s Body as it Was Lying in State in the Court House at Canton.” Akron Daily Democrat 21 Sept. 1901 v10n132: part 2, p. 9. VIEW

Dameron, W. T. “President McKinley’s Death.” Report of the Adjutant-General of the State of Missouri for the Year 1902. Jefferson City: [State of Missouri], 1903: [33]. VIEW

“First Diagram of Deed.” Arkansas Democrat 13 Sept. 1901 v30n300: p. 3. VIEW

Fosmire, Cyrus. “The Nation Mourns Beside His Bier.” Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette 17 Sept. 1901 v19n215: p. 1. VIEW

Gould, F. Carruthers. “A National Mourner.” Westminster Budget 20 Sept. 1901 v18n451 (new series): p. 3. VIEW

Harker, George A. “Speakers’ Platform at the Coliseum When M’Kinley Memorial Was Being Read to the Immense Audience.” St. Louis Republic 20 Sept. 1901 v94n83: p. 4. VIEW

“High Tariff Doomed.” Commoner 27 Sept. 1901 v1n36: p. 1. VIEW

“Just After the Shot Was Fired.” Bangor Daily News 8 Sept. 1901: p. 1. VIEW

“Mrs. M’Kinley at the Bedside of the President.” Deseret Evening News 14 Sept. 1901 v52n255: part 1, p. 2. VIEW

“Mrs. M’Kinley Goes for a Drive.” Northfield News 14 Sept. 1901 v25n37: p. 7. VIEW

“Paweł Czołgosz, Ojciec Leona.” Ameryka 14 Sept. 1901 v15n37: p. 1. VIEW

Tufts, Helen. “The Chicago Martyrs—and After.” Free Society 21 Dec. 1902 v9n51: p. 2. VIEW

“The Turning Point.” Commoner 27 Sept. 1901 v1n36: pp. 1-2. VIEW

“View of the House of Mr. Milburn, in Buffalo, from the Lawn.” Philadelphia Inquirer 9 Sept. 1901 v145n71: p. 6. VIEW

“Was in Buffalo.” Berkshire County Eagle 18 Sept. 1901 v112n38: p. 6. VIEW

Wheeler, George B. “A Plan That Is Not Approved.” Truth Seeker 23 Nov. 1901 v28n47: p. 746. VIEW



 January 2021 (21 documents added)

[advertisement]. Arkansas City Daily Traveler 29 Oct. 1901 v16n88: p. 5. VIEW

Addis, Henry. “Philosophic Anarchists and Reds.” Truth Seeker 16 Nov. 1901 v28n46: p. 730. VIEW

Austin, Kate. “Who Are Trustworthy?” Free Society 17 Aug. 1902 v9n33: p. 3. VIEW

Bowman, R. C. “‘Peace Be Still.’” Minneapolis Tribune 16 Sept. 1901 v35n115: p. 1. VIEW

Carter, Robert. “Mrs. McKinley’s Last Vigil Beside Her Dead Husband’s Casket.” Akron Daily Democrat 21 Sept. 1901 v10n132: part 1, p. 1. VIEW

Chandlee, Will H. “In the Depot.” Evening Star [Washington, DC] 17 Sept. 1901 n15151: p. 6. VIEW

Chandlee, Will H. “Resting in the Rotunda.” Evening Star [Washington, DC] 17 Sept. 1901 n15151: p. 2. VIEW

“Consultation of Physicians in the President’s Room at the Milburn Residence in Buffalo.” St. Louis Republic 13 Sept. 1901 v94n76: p. 2. VIEW

“Czołgosz Strzela do Prezydenta.” Ameryka 14 Sept. 1901 v15n37: p. 1. VIEW

“Death Chamber in Auburn Prison.” Courier-Journal 30 Oct. 1901 v97n11991 (new series): p. 1. VIEW

Fosmire, Cyrus. “A Suggestion to the Congress of the United States.” Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette 9 Sept. 1901 v19n208: p. 1. VIEW

“Freedom of Speech.” Commoner 27 Sept. 1901 v1n36: p. 1. VIEW

“‘God’s Way.’” Sentinel 24 Oct. 1901 v9n10 (new series): p. [3]. VIEW

“Heard the Shots Fired at Buffalo.” Milford Cabinet 19 Sept. 1901 v100n12: p. 1. VIEW

Jennett, Norman E. “Why Not Make This a Law, Uncle?” Brooklyn Daily Eagle 10 Sept. 1901 v61n251: p. 5. VIEW

“[MacDonald, Carlos F.].” Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900. New York: Biographical Directory, 1900: p. 281. VIEW

P., M. “W. O. Koehn.” Free Society 17 Aug. 1902 v9n33: p. 4. VIEW

“President McKinley Killed.” Eureka Weekly Sentinel 7 Sept. 1901 v32n3: p. [2]. VIEW

“Profile of the Prisoner.” Newark American-Tribune 20 Sept. 1901 v75: p. 2. VIEW

“Saw the Assassin.” Ithaca Daily Journal 18 Sept. 1901 v59n67: p. [6]. VIEW

“Vault in Which President McKinley’s Body Was Placed, West-Lawn Cemetery, Canton, O.” Richmond Dispatch 20 Sept. 1901 n15731: p. 1. VIEW


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