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Source: Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine, and Toxicology
Source type: book
Document type: essay
Document title: “Mental Unsoundness in Its Legal Relations”
Author(s): Becker, Tracy C. [essay and book]; Boston, Charles Anderson [essay]; Witthaus, R. A. [book]
Edition: Second edition
Volume number: 3
Publisher: William Wood and Company
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1909
Pagination: 347-576 (excerpt below includes only pages 478-79)

Becker, Tracy C., and Charles Anderson Boston. “Mental Unsoundness in Its Legal Relations.” Medical Jurisprudence, Forensic Medicine, and Toxicology. By R. A. Witthaus and Tracy C. Becker. 2nd ed. Vol. 3. New York: William Wood, 1909: pp. 347-576.
excerpt of essay
Leon Czolgosz (execution: personal response).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Charles J. Guiteau; Carter H. Harrison, Sr.; William McKinley; Eugene Prendergast.
From page 347: By Tracy C. Becker, A.B., LL.B., Counsellor-at-Law; Professor of Criminal Law and Medical Jurisprudence in the Law Department of the University of Buffalo, etc.; and Charles Anderson Boston, LL.B., of the New York City Bar.

From title page: By R. A. Witthaus, A.M., M.D., Professor of Chemistry, Medical Jurisprudence, and Toxicology in Cornell University; and Tracy C. Becker, A.B., LL.B., Counsellor at Law, Professor of Criminal Law and Medical Jurisprudence in the University of Buffalo; with the Collaboration of August Becker, Esq.; A. L. Becker, Esq.; Chas. A. Boston, Esq.; Hon. Goodwin Brown; W. N. Bullard, M.D.; G. C. Cameron, M.D.; J. Clifton Edgar, M.D.; Jas. Ewing, M.D.; E. D. Fisher, M.D.; A. S. Geyser, M.D.; J. C. Johnson, M.D.; D. S. Lamb, M.D.; H. P. Loomis, M.D.; W. B. Outten, M.D.; Roswell Park, M.D.; J. Parmenter, M.D.; Irving C. Rosse, M.D.; E. V. Stoddart, M.D.; George Woolsey, M.D.; J. H. Woodward, M.D.


Mental Unsoundness in Its Legal Relations [excerpt]

     There is a striking similarity between Guiteau’s case and both that of Prendergast, the murderer of Mayor Harrison of Chicago, and Czolgosz, the murderer of President McKinley. Whatever may be the views of medical authority, judges and lawyers almost universally maintain that all of these men were, under the [478][479] application of well-settled legal principles, justly and properly executed.



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