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Source: Albany Medical Annals
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: “The Medical Department of the Pan-American Exposition”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: August 1901
Volume number: 22
Issue number: 8
Pagination: 459

“The Medical Department of the Pan-American Exposition.” Albany Medical Annals Aug. 1901 v22n8: p. 459.
Pan-American Exposition (emergency hospital).
Named persons
Vertner Kenerson; Roswell Park; Nelson W. Wilson.


The Medical Department of the Pan-American Exposition [excerpt]

     Since the opening of the Pan-American Exposition on May 1st, the newspapers have been full of Pan-American news and descriptions, but to us one of the most important parts of the exposition has not been exploited to any great extent. The medical director, Dr. Roswell Park, has organized a most perfect hospital service, a handsome building has been erected and occupied and fully equipped. There are five doctors on duty, assisted by ten to twelve nurses. Emergency cases are taken to the hospital in an automobile ambulance, and after receiving first aid are transferred to one of the city hospitals, the cases being divided among the various institutions. The deputy medical director, Dr. Vertner Kenerson, has charge of the hospital work and Dr. Nelson W. Wilson is sanitary officer of the exposition.
     This department is worthy of a visit, and no doubt a final report of the medical director will prove most interesting reading. Surgical operations of all kinds have been performed even to the removal of a spike from the foot of Big Liz, the Bostock elephant. Up to the present writing many thousand cases have been treated—indicating a large attendance at the fair.
     Among the conveniences added to the hospital recently is a Fox Piper invalid bed, which is admirably adapted for lifting and changing the position of heavy patients and for easing the pain of those suffering from fracture, paralysis or other similar helpless conditions. An X-ray machine has been installed in Medical Director Park’s office.



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