January 1901 [no specific day]


 13 January 1901 (Sunday)

“Neat Question Now Discussed.” Baltimore American v190n34568: p. 13. VIEW


 February 1901 [no specific day]


 1 February 1901 (Friday)

“Anarchy’s Queen for Peace.” Pentwater News v41n5: p. [3]. VIEW


 9 February 1901 (Saturday)

“The Music Hall of the Pan-American Exposition.” Engineering Record v43n6: pp. 132-34. VIEW


 21 February 1901 (Thursday)

[illustration]. Life v37n955: p. 148. VIEW


 March 1901 [no specific day]

“The Pan-American Exposition and Its Directors.” Phrenological Journal and Phrenological Magazine v111n3: pp. 73-74. VIEW


 30 March 1901 (Saturday)

Shaerer, Herbert. “Emergency Hospital at the Pan-American.” St. Louis Medical Review v43n13: pp. 219-20. VIEW


 April 1901 [no specific day]

“Emergency Hospital at the Pan-American Exposition.” Buffalo Medical Journal v40n9 (new series): pp. 701-04. VIEW

“Hospital.” Gaillard’s Medical Journal v74n4: p. 127. VIEW


 June 1901 [no specific day]

Arnold, C. D. “The Temple of Music.” Critic v38n6: p. 520. VIEW

“Pan-American Notes.” Buffalo Medical Journal v40n11 (new series): pp. 854-57. VIEW


 July 1901 [no specific day]

“Pan-American Notes.” Buffalo Medical Journal v40n12 (new series): pp. 926-27. VIEW


 August 1901 [no specific day]

Dugmore, A. R. “The Court of Fountains in Illumination (Looking South).” World’s Work v2n4: p. 1019. VIEW

Dugmore, A. R. “The Temple of Music at Night.” World’s Work v2n4: p. 1022. VIEW

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“The Temple of Music as Seen Through the Portico of the Machinery Building.” World’s Work v2n4: p. 1088. VIEW


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