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Source: Buffalo Medical Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: news column
Document title: “Pan-American Notes”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: July 1901
Volume number: 40
Issue number: 12
Series: new series
Pagination: 926-27 (excerpt below includes only page 926)

“Pan-American Notes.” Buffalo Medical Journal July 1901 v40n12 (new series): pp. 926-27.
Pan-American Exposition (medical matters).
Named persons
Eleanor M. Alexander; Louise Greenwood; Florence Hamilton; Laura M. Jarvis; Harry Piper; Roswell Park; Adella Walters.
Per the reference below in the first sentence, the exposition hospital was described at length in the April 1901 issue of Buffalo Medical Journal. Click here to view that article.


Pan-American Notes [excerpt]

THE Exposition Hospital, which has been fully described in the JOURNAL, has had plenty of business since the grounds were opened. Over 1,600 patients have been treated, which indicates a large attendance at the fair. Visitors who may be taken ill are assured of the best of medical service and nursing.

FOUR new nurses were appointed by Supt. Adella Walters for the month of June at the Pan-American Hospital. The appointees are Miss Florence Hamilton and Miss Louise Greenwood of the Buffalo General Hospital; Miss Laura M. Jarvis of the Arnot Ogden Memorial Hospital, Elmira, and Miss Eleanor M. Alexander of the Kingston General Hospital, Toronto. Four others will be appointed for the next month.

AN X-RAY machine has been installed in Medical Director Park’s office.

AMONG the conveniences added to the hospital recently is a Fox-Piper invalid bed. It was contributed by Harry Piper, a former alderman of Toronto. It appears to be admirably adapted for lifting and changing the position of heavy patients and for easing the pain of those suffering from fracture, paralysis or other similar helpless conditions.



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