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Philadelphia Medical Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: “The Emergency Hospital at the Buffalo Exposition”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 12 October 1901
Volume number: 8
Issue number: 15
Pagination: 578

“The Emergency Hospital at the Buffalo Exposition.” Philadelphia Medical Journal 12 Oct. 1901 v8n15: p. 578.
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Pan-American Exposition (emergency hospital).
Named persons
George McKenzie Hall; Edward C. Mann; William McKinley; Roswell Park; Alfred F. Zittel.

The Emergency Hospital at the Buffalo Exposition

     Physicians who have visited the Pan-American Exposition must have been interested in the Emergency Hospital. We recently had an opportunity to inspect this now historic building, and were much impressed with its excellent arrangement and equipment. It is under the direct care of Dr. Roswell Park, who has for his assistants Dr. A. F. Zittel, Dr. G. McK. Hall and Dr. E. C. Mann. There are twenty-four beds, and five thousand cases have been treated since the opening. The great majority of these cases have been of minor surgery and slight medical ailments. But few operative cases have occurred, the most serious one having been that of President McKinley. Considering the size and character of the Exposition this immunity from grave cases is quite remarkable, and speaks well for the general management and hygiene of the big show. The Hospital is free to all; no charge is made to any one, visitors and attendants at the Exposition having all alike the privileges of the institution. The expenses are borne by the management of the Exposition. Many of the instruments and appurtenances are exhibits—a very practical way of showing their efficacy. The operating room is small, but well lighted and well equipped. It was in this room that the operation on the President was performed. Six nurses are in attendance.
     The architecture and general appearance of the building are pleasing. The place is always open for inspection and is in perfect order. This little hospital is not only a useful object lesson, but in its brief existence it has played a most important rôle in the public eye. The managers of the fair are to be commended for providing such a model little infirmary.