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Source: Weekly Law Bulletin and the Ohio Law Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 16 September 1901
Volume number: 46
Issue number: none
Pagination: 123-24

[untitled]. Weekly Law Bulletin and the Ohio Law Journal 16 Sept. 1901 v46: pp. 123-24.
full text
Franklin County Bar Association; McKinley memorialization (Franklin County, OH); resolutions (Franklin County Bar Association); William McKinley (death: government response).
Named persons
Henry J. Booth; Charles E. Burr [identified as Orr below]; Eli P. Evans; Richard A. Harrison; J. T. Holmes; Paul Jones; John G. McGuffey; William McKinley; George K. Nash; Selwyn N. Owen; E. L. Taylor; David K. Watson.
Alternate journal title: Weekly Law Bulletin and Ohio Law Journal.



     Th[e] Franklin county [sic] Bar as[s]ociation h[e]ld a sp[e]cial me[et]ing Monday morning, S[e]pt 16, to adopt mea[s]ures expr[e]ssive of the d[ee]p sorrow which th[e] mem[be]rs f[ee]l ov[e]r [t]he d[e]a[t]h of Pr[es]id[e]nt McKinley an[d] [t]o arrange for resolutions and [e]x[e]rci[se]s [o]f a m[e]morial n[a]ture. Th[e]r[e] w[a]s a larg[e] att[e]ndanc[e]. Th[e] m[ee]ting was pre[s]id[e]d over by John G. McGuff[e]y, th[e] pr[e]sid[e]nt of th[e] organi[zat]ion.
     Th[e] fir[s]t st[e]p [t]aken by th[e] as[s]ocia[t]ion was to [de]cide [t]o [as]k th[e] [ju]dg[es] to adjourn court un[t]il Saturday morning. The motion docket only will b[e] up for h[e]a[r]ing on that day. [123][124]
     On motion of Hon. H. J. Booth, a committee of seven was appointed to draw up memorial [res]olution[s] regardin[g] the pr[e]sident’s death, with instructions to report Friday. The venerable Hon. R. A. Harrison, th[e] dean of the local and state bar, was made chairman of the committee. Gov[e]rnor Nash, who is a memb[e]r of th[e] association, and who was a clos[e] fri[e]nd of th[e] presid[e]nt, was also appoint[e]d on the committ[ee]. The remaining members are Hon. H. J .Booth [sic], Col. J. T. Holmes, Judg[e] S. N. Owen, E. L. Taylor, Paul Jones, Judg[e] E. [P]. Evans, Col. Charles E. Orr and Hon. D. K. Watson.
     Th[e] judges adjourn[e]d court after th[e] m[e]eting until Saturday morning, as requested by th[e] association.



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