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Source: Weekly Law Bulletin and the Ohio Law Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 16 September 1901
Volume number: 46
Issue number: none
Pagination: 123-24

[untitled]. Weekly Law Bulletin and the Ohio Law Journal 16 Sept. 1901 v46: pp. 123-24.
full text
Franklin County Bar Association; McKinley memorialization (Franklin County, OH); resolutions (Franklin County Bar Association); William McKinley (death: government response).
Named persons
Henry J. Booth; Charles E. Burr [identified as Orr below]; Eli P. Evans; Richard A. Harrison; J. T. Holmes; Paul Jones; John G. McGuffey; William McKinley; George K. Nash; Selwyn N. Owen; E. L. Taylor; David K. Watson.
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Alternate journal title: Weekly Law Bulletin and Ohio Law Journal.



     Th[e] Franklin county [sic] Bar a[ss]ociation held a special me[e]ting Monday morning, Sept 16, to adopt measures expr[e]ssive of the deep sorrow which th[e] members f[e]el over the d[e]ath of Pr[es]id[e]nt McKinley an[d] to arrange for resolutions and ex[e]rcis[e]s [o]f a memorial nature. There w[a]s a large att[e]ndance. The m[e]eting was pre[s]ided over by John G. McGuffey, the pr[es]ident of the organi[z]ation.
     The fir[s]t step taken by the as[s]ociation was to decide to [as]k the [j]udge[s] to adjourn court un[t]il Saturday morning. The motion docket only will be up for hea[r]ing on that day. [123][124]
     On motion of Hon. H. J. Booth, a committee of seven was appointed to draw up memorial resolutions regardin[g] the president’s death, with instructions to report Friday. The venerable Hon. R. A. Harrison, the dean of the local and state bar, was made chairman of the committee. Governor Nash, who is a member of the association, and who was a close friend of the president, was also appointed on the committee. The remaining members are Hon. H. J .Booth [sic], Col. J. T. Holmes, Judge S. N. Owen, E. L. Taylor, Paul Jones, Judge E. P. Evans, Col. Charles E. Orr and Hon. D. K. Watson.
     The judges adjourned court after the meeting until Saturday morning, as requested by the association.



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