Publication information

Physician and Surgeon
Source type: journal
Document type: news column
Document title: “Minor Intelligence”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: April 1909
Volume number: 31
Issue number: 4
Pagination: 185-87 (excerpt below includes only page 187)

“Minor Intelligence.” Physician and Surgeon Apr. 1909 v31n4: pp. 185-87.
McKinley physicians (payment).
Named persons
Harvey R. Gaylord; Edward G. Janeway; William W. Johnston; Edward Wallace Lee; Edward C. Mann; Matthew D. Mann; Herman G. Matzinger; Charles McBurney; George McKenzie Hall [middle name wrong below]; William McKinley; Herman Mynter; Roswell Park; Charles G. Stockton; Nelson W. Wilson.

Minor Intelligence

     STATEMENT covering all the items of expenditure incident to the last illness of President McKinley has recently been made public by the Treasury Department. An appropriation of $45,000 for this purpose was made by Congress on July 1, 1902. The amounts received by physicians for service are as follows: Doctor Matthew D. Mann, $10,000; Doctor H. Mynter, $6,000; Doctor Charles McBurney, $5,000; Doctor Roswell Park, $5,000; Doctor Charles G. Stockton, $1,500; Doctor Edward G. Janeway, $1,500; Doctor Herman G. Matzinger, $750; Doctors W. W. Johnston, E. W. Lee, and Harvey R. Gaylord, $500 each; Doctor Nelson W. Wilson, $250; Doctor G. McR. Hall and Doctor E. C. Mann, $200 each.