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Source: Enterprise
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “These Men Were Cool While Terror Reigned”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Sheridan, Wyoming
Date of publication: 28 September 1901
Volume number: 14
Issue number: 45
Pagination: [6]

“These Men Were Cool While Terror Reigned.” Enterprise [Sheridan] 28 Sept. 1901 v14n45: p. [6].
full text
McKinley assassination (personal response); William McKinley (medical care); George B. Cortelyou; Howard Melville Hanna; John N. Scatcherd.
Named persons
George B. Cortelyou; Howard Melville Hanna; Marcus Hanna; Edward Wallace Lee; Matthew D. Mann; Charles McBurney; Roswell Park; John N. Scatcherd [misspelled below].
The article is accompanied on the same page with an illustration of George B. Cortelyou and John N. Scatcherd.


These Men Were Cool While Terror Reigned

     Dr. McBurney, the New York medical expert, states that the coolness of three men during the terrible excitement that followed the shooting of the President cannot be too highly commended. Those are George B. Cortelyou, secretary to the President; Melville W. Hanna, brother of Senator Hanna, and John Scatherd, of the executive committee of the Pan-American exposition. When others desired to delay a surgical operation on the President until after the arrival of Dr. Roswell Park, who with a party earlier in the day had gone to see the falls, these three insisted that he be taken to the Emergency hospital at once and operated upon. Their will carried the day and Doctors Mann, Lee and others operated at once, with the result now known to the whole world. The conduct of the trio was little short of heroic.



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