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Source: Post Express
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “New Book Denounced”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Rochester, New York
Date of publication: 24 October 1901
Volume number: 43
Issue number: 117
Pagination: 2

“New Book Denounced.” Post Express 24 Oct. 1901 v43n117: p. 2.
full text
The Eternal City; popular culture (criticism); Albion W. Small; Albion W. Small (public statements); popular culture (impact on society); anarchism (causes).
Named persons
Hall Caine; Leon Czolgosz; Albion W. Small.


New Book Denounced


C[h]ic[ag]o Pr[ofesso]r [C]r[iticizes] [Ha]ll C[ai]n[e]’[s] “[The] E[te]r[na]l [Cit]y.”

S[pec]ial to Th[e] Post Ex[p]re[ss].

     Chicago, Oct. 21.—Hall Caine’s new book, “The Et[e]rnal [C]ity” was denounced, yesterday, by Alb[i]on W. Small, head professor of sociology in the University of Chicago, during a lecture on “Anarchy” befor[e] senior students. Professor Small evid[e]ntly b[e]liev[es] that th[e]re i[s] much literatur[e] th[a]t tend[s] to inflame the minds of people with [a]narchisti[c] [t]end[e]ncies and thu[s] arouse th[e]m to d[ee]d[s] of bloodsh[e]d.
     “[H]all Cain[e]’s last book,” said th[e] prof[e]ssor, “contains mor[e] hysterics to th[e] sq[ua]re inch than any other book of which I know. It is not worth any person’s consid[e]rat[i]on and [s]hould b[e] tabooed by all right-thinking and s[e]rious minde[d] persons. The book contains many startling situations and que[s]tions, just the kind to stir up and inflam[e] such a mind as that of Czolgosz.”



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