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Source: Pittsburg Post
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Jury Was Secured from One Original Panel”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Date of publication: 24 September 1901
Volume number: 60
Issue number: 15
Pagination: 1

“Jury Was Secured from One Original Panel.” Pittsburg Post 24 Sept. 1901 v60n15: p. 1.
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Leon Czolgosz (trial: jurors).
Named persons
Robert J. Adams; Silas Carmer; Walter E. Everitt; Richard J. Garwood; Frederick V. Lauer [variant spelling of first name below]; William Loton; Joachim H. Mertens [misspelled below]; Ben C. Ralph; Andrew J. Smith; James S. Stygall, Jr.; Samuel P. Waldo; Henry W. Wendt.


Jury Was Secured from One Original Panel


OF MATURE AGE and Consists of Three Farmers, a Contractor, Two Plumbers,
Blacksmith, Bank Cashier, Manufacturers, Egg Dealer, and Foreman.

BUFFALO, Sept. 23.—The panel from which the jurors were chosen for the trial of the assassin was drawn two weeks before the President was shot. Out of the 36 men drawn for trial in the criminal term 12 were found who said they had no opinions that could not be removed by evidence, proof of the fairness of the trial for this murder.
     On the jury are three farmers, Silas Carmer, William Loton and Samuel P. Waldo; two plumbers, Frederic V. Lauer and James S. Stygall; a street railway foreman, Richard J. Garwood; a machinery manufacturer, Henry W. Wendt; a blacksmith, Walter E. Everitt[;] a bank cashier, Benjamin J. Ralph; a dealer in butter and eggs, Andrew J. Smith; a boot and shoe dealer, Joachim H. Martin; Robert J. Adams, a contractor.
     Eight of these are native-born Americans, three are German-American citizens and one was born in London. It is a jury of mature years. If the ages were averaged the figure would be between 48 and 50.
     Two of the jurors, fine specimens of the well-preserved American farmer, are 65 years old. Henry W. Wendt, of the Buffalo Forge Company, is the youngest member. Silas Carmer and William Loton are the oldest jurors.
     It is a clear eyed, intelligent jury, and heard the evidence to-day with judicial intentness. The judge and the prisoner are the only clean shaven men connected with the trial. Two of the jurors wear full beards. Bank Cashier Ralph has side whiskers and all the rest wear moustaches.



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