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Source: Sunday Morning Star
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Czolgosz’s Captors Reward”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Wilmington, Delaware
Date of publication: 29 September 1901
Volume number: 21
Issue number: none
Pagination: 4

“Czolgosz’s Captors Reward.” Sunday Morning Star 29 Sept. 1901 v21: p. 4.
full text
United States Army (Coast Artillery); McKinley assassination (government response).
Named persons
Louis Bertschey [misspelled below]; Herbert Brooks; Arthur Crosby; Ivey Fnenbeugh [misspelled below]; DeWitt Hancock; William Heiser; Lewis W. Jernigan; Max R. Kubatz [middle initial wrong below]; William McKinley; Nelson A. Miles; Louis Neff; Francis P. O’Brien; Patrick Troy; John Wisser.


Czolgosz’s Captors Reward


Artillerymen Will Be Mentioned in Distinguished Service Order.

Special to THE STAR.

     Washington, Sept. 28.—Recognition is to be given to the men of the Coast Artillery stationed at Buffalo who assisted in the capture of President McKinley’s assassin and performed other services at the time. Lieutenant-General Miles acting on the suggestion of Captain Wisser, has recommended to the Secretary of War that the soldiers who were detailed for duty at the time be mentioned in the distinguished service order.
     The men to be named are Corporal Louis Dertschey, Privates Herbert Brooks, Arthur Crosby, Francis P. O’Brien, Ivey Fennbough, DeWitt Hancock, William Heiser, Lewis W. Jernigan, Maximilian B. Kubatz, and Patrick Troy, of the Seventy-third Company, Coast Artillery, and Private Louis Neff, Eighty-fourth Company, Coast Artillery.



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