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Source: The Life of William McKinley, Twenty-Fifth President of the United States
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “Opinions of Noted Men” [chapter 17]
Author(s): Snow, Jane Elliott
Publisher: Imperial Press
Place of publication: Cleveland, Ohio
Year of publication: 1908
Pagination: 89-90

Snow, Jane Elliott. “Opinions of Noted Men” [chapter 17]. The Life of William McKinley, Twenty-Fifth President of the United States. Cleveland: Imperial Press, 1908: pp. 89-90.
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William McKinley (quotations about); William McKinley (personal character); William McKinley (presidential character).
Named persons
Edward G. Andrews; James B. Angell; William Jennings Bryan; Grover Cleveland; Chauncey M. Depew; Joseph B. Foraker; James Gibbons; John B. Gordon; John W. Griggs [middle initial wrong below]; Arthur T. Hadley; William Rainey Harper [first initial wrong below]; John Ireland; John D. Long; C. E. Manchester; William McKinley; Samuel W. Small; Adlai E. Stevenson [misspelled below]; John Wanamaker.
From title page: By Jane Elliott Snow, Author of “Women of Tennyson” and “Coates Family History.”


Opinions of Noted Men

     “In his ambition and in his work, he was a man among men—living for others as he understood their needs.”—A. T. Hadley, Yale University.

     “He lived and he died nobly—always a sage and a soldier, and now a saint.”—John Wanamaker.

     “He loved his native land, and used his life to serve her larger growth in strength and fame.”—S. W. Small.

     “He was pure, simple, genial and kind.”—Dr. Angell, Michigan University.

     “He was a friend of education in every form.”—N. R. Harper, Chicago University.

     “The candidate of a party, he was the President of an entire people.”—A. E. Stephenson, former Vice-President.

     “His pilot stars were Truth and Loyalty.”—John N. Griggs, ex-Attorney-General.

     “He leaves an unblemished record in public and private life.”—Sec. John D. Long. [89][90]

     “All our people loved their dead President.”—Grover Cleveland.

     “He held a position among the rulers of the world which no other of our Presidents filled.”—Chauncey M. Depew.

     “By common consent, he honored the whole human race, and all the race will honor him.”—J. B. Foraker.

     “He was a true man, honest, pure of morals, generous-minded, conscientious, religious.”—Archbishop Ireland.

     “His domestic virtues were worthy of all praise.”—Cardinal Gibbons.

     “He was gentle in spirit, and kind in word and deed.”—W. J. Bryan.

     “He was sincere, plain and honest, just, benevolent and kind.”—Rev. Dr. Manchester.

     “It is a beautiful thing that to the end of his life he bent reverently before that mother whose example and teaching and prayer had so fashioned his mind and all his aims.”—Bishop Andrews.

     The late General John B. Gordon in his “Reminiscences of the Civil War” says of William McKinley that he possessed a peculiarly winning and magnetic presence, which few men have.



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