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Bankers’ Magazine
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: “McKinley Memorial Association”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: November 1901
Volume number: 63
Issue number: 5
Pagination: 878-79

“McKinley Memorial Association.” Bankers’ Magazine Nov. 1901 v63n5: pp. 878-79.
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McKinley National Memorial Association; McKinley Memorial Association (New York); McKinley memorialization.
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Cornelius N. Bliss; E. W. Bloomingdale; James G. Cannon; George B. Cortelyou; W. Murray Crane; William R. Day; Thomas Dolan; Henry M. Duffield; Charles W. Fairbanks; David R. Francis; E. S. Hammond; Marcus Hanna; Myron T. Herrick; Robert J. Lowry; William A. Lynch; William McConway; Ida McKinley; William McKinley; John G. Milburn; Franklin Murphy; Benjamin B. Odell, Jr.; Henry C. Payne; Alexander H. Revell; Bradford Rhodes; Ryerson Ritchie; Henry T. Scott; F. B. Thurber; Eli Torrance [first name misspelled below].

McKinley Memorial Association

     The McKinley National Memorial Association, having been incorporated according to law, met in Cleveland, Ohio, October 10, 1901, for the purpose of effecting an organization by the election of officers and adoption of regulations for its government.
     The President of the United States, at the request of Mrs. McKinley and members of the family, named the following Board of Trustees:

Cornelius N. Bliss, New York, William McConway, Pittsburg [sic],
Thomas Dolan, Philadelphia, David R. Francis, St. Louis,
W. Murray Crane, Boston, Robert J. Lowry, Atlanta,
Alexander H. Revell, Chicago, Henry C. Payne, Milwaukee,
Charles W. Fairbanks, Indianapolis, Henry T. Scott, San Francisco,
Henry M. Duffield, Detroit, Franklin Murphy, Newark,
George B. Cortelyou, Washington, E. S. Hammond, Memphis,
Ell Torrance, Minneapolis, E. W. Bloomingdale, New York,
William A. Lynch, Canton, William R. Day, Canton,
John G. Milburn, Buffalo, Marcus A. Hanna, Cleveland,
                                       Myron T. Herrick, Cleveland.

     The Trustees having qualified, proceeded to election of officers, choosing as

President, William R. Day, Canton, Ohio;
Vice-President, Marcus A. Hanna, Cleveland, Ohio;
Treasurer, Myron T. Herrick, Cleveland, Ohio;
Secretary, Ryerson Ritchie, Cleveland, Ohio.

     The purposes of the Association, as defined in its certificate of incorporation, are the erection and maintenance at Canton, Ohio, of a suitable memorial to the late President, and raising the necessary funds for said purposes; and after fully providing therefor, the surplus of such funds, if any, to be devoted to such memorial as may be provided for the late President at the National Capital. The memorial will be erected at Canton, that city having been his home throughout his public life and selected by him as his final resting place.
     The memorial is to be, in the highest sense, the sincere expression of all the people of the country of their love for President McKinley and of their admiration for the qualities expressed so eminently in his life and deeds.
     It is the purpose to have the offerings of the people voluntary, with a full opportunity to all to contribute.
     The Association will prepare and distribute to all donors to the fund a souvenir certificate, which will be worthy of preservation as evidence of the holder’s participation in the work. The name and post-office address of each contributor should be forwarded to the Treasurer of the Association, with the fund remitted, for preservation in the permanent archives of the Association.
     It is hoped that the response of the people will be so liberal that a memorial may be erected which will fittingly honor the memory of our martyred President, and emphasize their loyalty to our institutions, and their abhorence of that spirit of lawlessness which inspired the assault upon his life. [878][879]


     Auxiliary to the above-mentioned National Association, it was decided to form a State Association in the State of New York, and at a meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, 32 Nassau street, New York city, October 23, a State organization was effected, with the following officers:

President, Governor B. B. Odell, Jr.;
Treasurer, James G. Cannon;
Chairman Executive Committee, Cornelius N. Bliss;
Secretary, F. B. Thurber.

                                        Respectfully yours,                                                      
CORNELIUS N. BLISS, Chairman Executive Committee.     


     For the purpose of carrying out the plans of the McKinley Memorial Association, THE BANKERS’ MAGAZINE will receive subscriptions in amounts from one dollar upwards. Contributors will please send name, amount and post-office address, and make checks payable to the order of James G. Cannon.
     Acknowledgment of all contributions received will be made in the pages of THE BANKERS’ MAGAZINE, unless donors request otherwise.


     Mr. Bradford Rhodes is authorized to receive subscriptions for the McKinley Memorial Association of the State of New York. Checks should be made payable to the order of James G. Cannon, Treasurer.

(Signed)       CORNELIUS N. BLISS, Chairman Executive Committee.