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Trained Nurse and Hospital Review
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: “Nurses Attending the President”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: October 1901
Volume number: 27
Issue number: 4
Pagination: 224

“Nurses Attending the President.” Trained Nurse and Hospital Review Oct. 1901 v27n4: p. 224.
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McKinley nurses; Grace McKenzie.
Named persons
Mary D. Barnes; Jennie Connolly [misspelled below]; Cornelia Gage; Evelyn Hunt; Howard A. Kelly; Grace McKenzie [misspelled below]; Ida McKinley; William McKinley [in notes]; Maud Mohan; Roswell Park; Presley M. Rixey [misspelled once below]; Katherine Simmons; Adella Walters.
The identity of Miss Maloney (below) cannot be determined.

The article is accompanied on the same page with a photograph of Grace McKenzie.

Page 225 of the journal features two photographs, captioned as follows: 1) “Emergency Hospital, Pan-American Grounds, Buffalo, N. Y.”; 2) “Operating Table, Pan-American Hospital, Upon Which President McKinley Was First Treated.”

Nurses Attending the President

The following facts regarding the nurses who had the privilege of attending our beloved President will be of interest.
     Miss Hunt had been traveling with Mrs. McKinley.
     Miss Maud Mohan has been Dr. Park’s office nurse for the last two years. She is a graduate of the Buffalo General Hospital.
     Miss Connelly is a graduate of the Buffalo General Hospital.
     Miss Adella Walters, the superintendent of the Emergency Hospital at the Pan-American grounds, is a graduate of the Buffalo General Hospital, and of the Memorial Hospital in New York City.
     Miss Simmons of Roosevelt Hospital, New York, and Miss Barnes of St. Luke’s Hospital, New York, were employed in the Pan-American Hospital at the time the President was taken there.
     Miss Grace Mackenzie, the nurse sent for from Philadelphia by Dr. Rixy, is a Canadian girl, her home is in Hamilton, Canada, but her entire professional life has been carried on in the United States. She graduated from the Kensington Hospital in 1894, and her sister graduated in 1896. Soon after leaving here they did nursing at Howard A. Kelly’s Sanitarium, Baltimore, Md. Since then Miss Mackenzie has nursed in Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore, and while nursing Mrs. Lyman J. Gage during her illness in May, met Dr. Rixey. She is a bright, intelligent woman, and a most acceptable nurse to both doctor and patient. Her former superintendent, Miss Maloney, is proud of her success and ability.
     In addition, there were three United States Army Hospital stewards, one always on duty and sometimes two.