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Source: Paducah Evening Sun
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “M’Kinley Tragedy”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Paducah, Kentucky
Date of publication:
12 March 1909
Volume number: 25
Issue number: 61
Pagination: 8

“M’Kinley Tragedy.” Paducah Evening Sun 12 Mar. 1909 v25n61: p. 8.
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McKinley assassination (government response); McKinley physicians (payment); McKinley nurses (payment).
Named persons
Mary D. Barnes; Rose Baron [misspelled below; first initial wrong below]; B. J. Bixby; Jennie Connolly; Elizabeth Dorchester [first initial wrong below]; T. Frederick Ellis [first initial missing or wrong below]; Emile Garet [misspelled below]; Harvey R. Gaylord; George McKenzie Hall [middle name abbreviation wrong below]; Evelyn Hunt; Edward G. Janeway [middle initial wrong below]; William W. Johnston; H. A. Knoll; Edward Wallace Lee; Edward C. Mann; Matthew D. Mann; Herman G. Matzinger; Charles McBurney [misspelled below]; Grace McKenzie [misspelled below]; William McKinley; Maud Mohan; Margaret Morris; Herman Mynter; Roswell Park; John Parmenter; Eduard L. A. Pausch [middle initial wrong below]; John Powell; Mary Shannon; Katherine Simmons; Burton T. Simpson [middle initial wrong below]; Charles G. Stockton; Adella Walters [misspelled below]; Nelson W. Wilson.
The identity of H. O. Hicks (below) cannot be verified.


M’Kinley Tragedy


Treasury Officials Give Expense—Doctors Are Paid Total of $31,000.

     Washington, March 12.—After carefully guarding for more than seven years the facts as to the government’s expenditures incident to the last illness and burial of President McKinley, the treasury officials made a statement covering under the appropriation of $45,000 for this purpose, made by congress on July 1, 1902. The items as they appear on the treasury ledgers follow:
     Dr. M. D. Mann, $10,000; Dr. H. Mynter, $6,000; Dr. C. McDurney, $5,000; Dr. Roswell Park, $5,000; Dr. C. G. Stockton, $1,500; Dr. E. J. Janeway, $1,500; Dr. H. G. Matzinger, $750; Drs. W. W. Johnston, E. W. Lee and H. R. Gaylord, $500 each; Dr. N. W. Wilson, $250; Dr. G. McR. Hall and Dr. E. C. Mann, $200 each.
     Undertakers—Druggard [sic] & Koch, $2,104.15; McCrea & Arnold, $283.
     Nurses and Miscellaneous—M. E. Mohan and J. Connolly, $500 each; G. Mackenzie, $400; Evelyn Hunt, $200; M. C. Morris, M. E. Shannon, M. D. Barnes, K. R. Simmons, M. E. Dorchester, A. Barron, A. M. Waters, B. F. Simpson, F. Ellis and B. J. Bixby, $100 each; J. Parmenter and H. A. Knoll, $500 each; Edison Manufacturing company, $250; E. J. Pausch, for death work, $1,200; E. Garrett, post-mortem cost, $45; Western Union Telegraph company, $1,593.61; Postal Telegraph Cable company, $440.27; New York Electric Vehicle Transfer company, $192; Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone, $187.60; Woods Motor Vehicle company, $128.50; Price & Niehause, $120; J. Powell, $308; H. O. Hicks, $100; The William Hengerer company, $30; White Evans Penfield company, $33.75.
     Of the appropriation $2,482.12 was not used.



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